The motorhome parking space Langenlois offers seven parking spaces for self-sufficient motorhomes. Cars, motorhomes without toilets and graywater tanks as well as tents are not allowed (the nearest campsite is in Krems an der Donau).

  • There are parceled parking spaces (5 x 10 m and 5 x 8 m) available – please note the parcellation when parking.
  • On your arrival, please register at the reception of the Hotel Schloss Haindorf and pay the parking fee and overnight stay tax. The parking fee is EUR 12,00 per vehicle and night, the overnight tax EUR 1,60 per person and night. The receipt of payment including your length of stay is to be affixed clearly visible behind the windshield of your motorhome.
  • For the power supply you have electricity columns (coin machine | EUR 1,00 for 6 hours) at the parking space.
  • The supply system with water (coin machine | EUR 1,00 for 3 minutes) as well as the disposal system for sewage and feces is located in Krumpöck-Allee (150 m from the parking space). Only sanitary additives that carry a “Blue Angel” certification may be introduced into the sewage system.
  • Please pay attention to cleanliness in the whole area and dispose of your waste in the designated containers (residual waste, organic waste, glass, paper, plastic).
  • We ask you to keep dogs on a leash, to dispose of the leftovers of your animals and to keep the parking space and the green areas clean.
  • Please pay attention between 10 pm and 6 am to adequate volume (night rest).
  • The traffic regulations apply throughout the whole area.
  • On the day of your departure, your parking space is available until 1 pm.
  • Using Wi-Fi you can connect your notebook or mobile device to the Internet for free – please ask for the password at the reception.

We wish you a pleasant stay in Langenlois!
Your team from the Hotel Schloss Haindorf


Parking fee: EUR 12,00 per vehicle and night
Overnight tax: EUR 1,60 per person and night
Electricity: EUR 1,00 for 6 hours
Water: EUR 1,00 for 3 minutes


Monday – Saturday | 8 am – 6 pm
Sunday as well as holiday | 8 am – 12 am


Ursin Haus Vinothek & Tourismusservice GmbH
3550 Langenlois | Kamptalstraße 3
Tel. +43 / (0) 2734 / 2000 | Fax DW 15 | |

opening hours:
Daily | 10 am – pm


Fire Department: Tel. 122
Police: Tel. 133
Ambulance: Tel. 144


Birngruber GmbH & Co KG
3550 Langenlois | Wiener Straße 50
Tel. +43 / (0) 2734 / 2414 |

Fragner Kfz-GmbH
3550 Langenlois | Wiener Straße 44
Tel. +43 / (0) 2734 / 4488 |

Ruiner GmbH
3550 Langenlois | Wiener Straße 51
Tel. +43 / (0) 2734 / 2449 |



can be found in the city map Langenlois and in the brochure “Langenlois information”